Project controls

Royal HaskoningDHV is committed to providing consistent and scalable project control systems and processes that will reduce exposure to risk, manage and reduce costs, and enhance customer service. Our Earned Value Management (EVM), project controls process is based on a structured approach to planning, cost collection and performance measurement.

The process benefits the control of projects by facilitating the integration of project scope, time and cost objectives in the establishment of a planned schedule and budget baseline providing a means of comparing the work completed against the baseline

We ensure that our clients receive timely and relevant information at all levels of the organisation in a clear and consistent format at all stages of the design process, enabling and promoting informed decisions, and maximising the certainty of outcome.

Performance management measurement

Royal HaskoningDHV will constantly monitor and report on your project or programme’s progress and performance. We regularly analyse the status of the programme, and any SPI/CPI variance from baseline. If action needs to be taken to get the programme back on track, we able to execute recovery plans swiftly and effectively. We rely on project controls, KPI reporting, and our approach to value engineering to ensure that your project is delivered within the timescales and budgets anticipated.

Schedule management

Royal HaskoningDHV implement careful schedule management to ensure that a project has a consistent approach to the development and maintenance of strategic schedules.
We create an optimum schedule that meets project performance requirements, and agree with you the key activities and milestones to ensure visibility of performance at all levels. We regularly update schedule progress and forecasts and assess any deviations from the baseline. This means we can take swift action if necessary to keep to agreed timescales and avoid unnecessary costs.

Risk & opportunity management

Royal HaskoningDHV work to identify, assess and manage any possible occurrences that might have an adverse effect on the ability of a project to meet its objectives. We ensure that we understand any uncertainties which may cause the project to miss a target, and ensure that these are managed effectively.

We recognise that the management of issues, risks and opportunities is integral and critical to good management and execution planning.  We will enable client’s to be clever before the event by carrying out timely what if scenarios to ensure the correct risk and opportunity decisions are made at the right time

Cost planning & control

RHDHV activities are centred around developing robust Cost & Time plans that are comparable with industry performance benchmarks, but which include whole cost considerations. Having agreed a m2 elemental cost plan validated from our extensive industry knowledge, we then exercise control by ensuring the design consultants design to a cost from the outset. Thereafter it is about controlling the base scope and the timely cost efficient delivery of the scope by rigorous utilisation of our Project management tools.

Change management

Sometimes even the most rigorous planning approaches cannot anticipate every eventuality. We use our knowledge of the project and its context to identify and assess any project changes before they are approved or applied.

We can assess the potential impact of the change on time, cost, scope, quality, operation and risk, and prepare documentation to enable the right people to make an informed decision about next steps and the best way forward. We then see the change through, and ensure that the change is properly recorded in order to maintain robust project reporting.

Manage production

Production management is the collaborative process of construction activities throughout the design and implementation process.

During design, production management activities tend to focus around giving the client advice on developing robust strategies for project delivery. We can provide our clients with outline production plans which identify the development and implementation of optimum solutions.

During implementation, we then focus our attentions on ensuring production planning activities are coordinated into a consolidated plan for manufacture and assembly.
Once the project is completed, we work to deliver the asset to the client in the most efficient way.

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