Our project lifecycle diagram breaks down our unique approach to project management, and demonstrates how we can support the delivery of your projects through four key stages.

Project Concept

We will support you in the preparation of your business case. We’ll help you scope out the benefits of the project, along with the requirements. We’ll also help you explore what options you have to meet those requirements. We’ll identify key stakeholders, and make sure that you have a full understanding of all the risks and opportunities associated with the project.

Project Definition

Fulfilling the role as project manager, we will take the responsibility for the development of the concept into a robust plan that clearly defines project outputs and how they will be delivered.

We will prepare a project management plan. We’ll focus on the scope definition, estimate the extent of the project programme, set governance for the project, and indicate what resources and team skills are required to ensure the project is successful. We’ll also work through all options to ensure we have thoroughly explored risks, and estimated the full project cost.

Project Development

At this stage, we take responsibility for the implementation of the project management plan, and for the overall delivery of the project. We’ll carefully monitor progress to ensure that we meet the requirements set out in the business case.

We establish a team of project managers, document controllers, and experts in handover, planning, risk and opportunity, change management, cost control, procurement and quality management. This integrated approach ensures that we can monitor progress most effectively, and work collaboratively to ensure project success.

Our team of specialists will put in place governance for the project, in agreement with the sponsor and plan. We will identify key performance indicators, and ensure that we plan, monitor and evaluate progress in accordance with these.

Handover and closure

Handover is one of the most fundamental phases in the project lifecycle. We work through this phase carefully, conducting gate reviews, project evaluation reviews, peer reviews and audits.  At this point, we’ll also capture, consolidate and disseminate lessons learned, accept the final report and confirm project closure.

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