The aim of strategic planning is to specify developments which ensure the future viability of a company. The process is often undertaken in difficult circumstances when the company is facing a changing environment or an uncertain future.

Strategic planning requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the company concerned and development of the plan is usually preceded by a detailed review of its operations. This includes the market in which it operates, its production facilities, the operating systems and procedures, and its manpower and organisation. The operational review normally includes application of the First Marine benchmarking system.

We have broad experience in strategic planning for shipyards and equipment manufacturers and have developed innovative techniques for matching the technical aspects of the business to the market. The scope of work undertaken ranges from the planning of new shipyards to the re-engineering of specific sectors of a business.

In producing business or strategic plans, typical questions to be answered include:

  • What mix of products should I have?
  • Does this shipyard have the potential to achieve profitable operations?
  • Should I invest in a larger dry-dock?
  • How large should I make my building dock?
  • Who are my competitors and what are the competitive conditions?
  • How productive does the workforce need to be?
  • Should I invest in automation?

The answers to all these questions must be based on a sound understanding of the market and competitive conditions, coupled to a sound knowledge of operations and costs.

First Marine can produce and present customised plans. To achieve successful implementation, we prefer to develop a partnership between consultant and client, and develop plans together.

  • Cost structure review
  • Business strategy
  • Rationalisation and restructuring
  • Privatisation and commercialisation
  • Implementation support

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