We have a wealth of experience in the visual inspection of extremely remote sites such as St Kilda, Kosovo, the Caribbean Islands, Scillies, the Channel Islands, the Shetland and Orkney Isles and the Western Isles.

We have considerable experience in the use of roped access techniques where inspections are complicated by difficult access and all our staff have attended training courses to enable them to work safely at heights. They are re-trained every two years. A large number of our staff hold IRATA qualifications for roped access. We are registered as a Design Co-ordinating Authority in accordance with the Ministry of Defence Safety Procedure 07, which means that we are able to provide advice to all MoD interested parties. We are also an Approved Climbing organisation in terms of SRP 07 and JSP375.

Our clients include the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Met Office, National Air Traffic Services, Northern Lighthouse Board, Trinity House, Cable & Wireless Communications, Police, power companies, mobile companies, and the Ministry of Defence.

We are experts in the requirements of BS EN 62305 pertaining to lightning protection, a normal requirement of most of our tower work.

Expert advice can be provided with respect to aircraft warning lights and we have specialist climbers who are experienced in electrical systems pertaining to tower structures such as Aircraft Warning lights and light systems.

Through our association with the cellular companies and their agents we have experience in the inspection of other types of related tall structure including churches, chimneys, water towers and high rise buildings. These facilities are accessed using climbing techniques, rope access and/or cherry pickers depending on the access provisions, location and type of inspection required.

We carry out inspection and maintenance of telecommunication cabins and reviews of generator systems, earthing protection, u.p.s. and power supply systems. Also general structural and condition surveys of the buildings, compounds and access routes to such facilities (particularly useful in structures located on remote sites). 

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