Our world is changing continuously. A sustainable world and sustainable buildings are important for generations to come. Many old abandoned buildings offer opportunities for a second life: industrial buildings can be converted to apartment- or office buildings and empty offices can be our hotels of tomorrow.

Structures often have a second life

Royal HaskoningDHV has designed structures for more than 130 years. Knowledge of the past gives extra opportunities for the future. With advanced modern calculation techniques and knowledge of both old and new building methods and codes we are often able to extend the economic life of existing structures.  In that way we create the most sustainable solution, together with our clients.

Building on existing buildings

Low weight building is often more sustainable than high weight building. Fewer materials are used, enabling more efficient transport management. Low weight buildings for example present more building options such as floating structures or building on top of an existing structure.

Instead of working with regular concrete and steel structures, wood and steel structures with lightweight floor types are realistic and economic options. The weight of these structures can be reduced with 80% to 20% of a traditional structure. Extra effort is needed to meet the demands on acoustics, vibrations and fire.

Example of a very low weight building

A reference project for very low weight building is 'De Karel Doorman, Rotterdam', where sixteen residential storeys have been built on an existing shopping mall. The combination of low weight and multi-storey building is unique. In order to optimise comfort, very specific knowledge of acoustics, vibrations and heat management was necessary to successfully deliver the building. Floors, ceilings and partition walls are acoustically disconnected, creating an entirely separate box-in-box system. The required expertise was developed in partnership by Royal HaskoningDHV and TNO.

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