The Information Management and GIS group of Royal HaskoningDHV comprises a dedicated team of information technology specialists.  The team’s expertise is based on practical experience gained through more than twenty years of implementing solutions both in-house and for our external client base which ranges from local to national scale interests.

Our key areas of expertise are:

Data Management

Critical to any project is the capture, management and usage of data.  The range of data types, volumes and frequency makes the effective management of data vital.  A variety of services are available from small scale database design through to cloud based storage solutions.

Mapping and Spatial Planning

The planning of any activity can be a complicated issue.  GIS is a vital tool in providing a framework for assisting in many assessments from site selection and optimisation through to conflict resolution. A GIS provides a collection of tools for undertaking many of these decision support tasks and a system for presenting data in a map based format. We offer several specialist services including Flood Mapping, Event Mapping and Survey Data.

Flood mapping
Our experts have extensive experience in flood, hazard and inundation mapping. The team have worked on numerous flood related projects under the Environment Agency Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRM) framework. These projects have included Areas Benefiting from Defences (ABD’s) and the original Section 105 flood maps. Recently the team have been involved with Strategic Flood Risk Assessments with outputs including velocity, depth and flood hazard maps.

Event Mapping 
We have partnered the Environment Agency on a number of post flood event mapping projects including the summer floods of 2007 for the Thames region. The projects have included data capture (Aerial photos, helicopter video, survey and public consultations), questionnaire processing, flood outline mapping using ESRI Arcmap and future recommendation reports. The team can provide a responsive and accurate post event service.

Survey Data 
Data comes in a variety of formats and sizes, our experts are used to dealing with a variety of datasets and processing and manipulating these to produce usable datasets as part of a decision making process. Recent examples of data processing include the Bedford Ouse FliMap survey, which saw the team process and convert 480km of cloud point data into Grids and produced comparative sections through existing defences and as built design levels.


The majority of software can be tailored or improved to provide specific tools and functionality for user groups or a market sector.  Software customisation can provide very efficient and cost effective business improvements.

Information Delivery and Web Design

Once data has been collected, managed and analysed it needs to be presented to its audience.  Information delivery is a fast evolving market and encompasses the whole range from paper based output through to GIS tools, web viewers and 3D virtual environments. The creation of online tools and websites can effectively promote and provide project awareness.

3D Visualisations 

Visualisations play an important part in the decision making process and utilising these aids with public and stakeholder consultations, understanding the buildability and operational issues along with positively promoting outcomes and manage expectations. Visualisation can be provided as images or a movie to be shown at public consultations or incorporated onto websites.


The use of databases is paramount in storage and retrieving of data. We offer a flexible approach to data and databases and liaise closely with the project team and client through the project to make sure that the tool is as user friendly and robust as possible. This includes planning through to building, deploying and supporting databases design specifically to meet clients’ requirements. Databases have been developed for risk matrix, Coastal assets database collection and metadata information.