The independent BHS design service utilises multiple inputs that describe the intended operational environment of the BHS; then using a series of complex and interactive algorithms it provides very accurate data that describes the BHS design alternatives, projected space requirements, capital costs, system prices operating and maintenance costs, and staffing requirements.

What we can do with the BHS design service:

  • PURE DESIGN AND COSTS: Rapidly design/optimise and determine the capital, operating and whole life costs of multiple BHS solutions that will meet the client’s brief
  • THIRD PARTY DESIGNS: Determine the capital and whole life costs of a BHS designed and developed by a third party organisation, particularly useful during tender evaluations.

The service defines:


  • Rapid production the BHS Material Flow Diagrams (MFD)
  • Rapid design of the viable BHS design solutions
  • Automatically determines the correct type and quantity of BHS components
  • Produces BHS configurations that comply with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommended practices
  • Automatically determines the BHS building size / levels / grids options

Costs and Programme

  • BHS capital costs
  • BHS building capital costs
  • BHS operating costs
  • BHS building operating costs
  • BHS and building project whole life cycle costs
  • Costs per bag incurred due to BHS operation and maintenance
  • Project “on” costs
  • Production of indicative BHS project programme durations

People Issues

  • Number of staff required to operate the BHS defined
  • Confirmation of the BHS Project Programme using defined resources
  • BHS control room and maintenance staff defined

Process overview:

 A series of inputs are defined:

  • Airport location
  • Airport flight schedule
  • Baggage throughput demand
  • BHS design year of operation
  • Process (e.g. Departures / Transfers / Arrivals)


  • The BHS service allows quick definition of the key criteria important to the client to allow certainty of design, costs and BHS staffing needs
  • Fundamentally very accurate design and cost information normally available after months of traditional design are now available within days
  • The proven design and costing approach allows design teams to focus on the correct business BHS operational and commercial solution

Core Benefits:

  • Rapidly develops IATA compliant commercially fit for purpose BHS solutions
  • "What if" BHS solution scenarios can be run efficiently
  • Bottom up capital cost certainty
  • Bottom up operating cost certainty
  • Absolute BHS space take certainty
  • Unparalleled design and commercial negotiation strength
  • Full definition of manning level requirements

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