We deliver feasibility and scoping studies, environmental impact assessment, permitting, business case development, due diligence studies, monitoring programs, stake holder analysis, health and safety programs, engineering like hydraulic modelling, dam design, foundation design and loadings analysis and grid connection studies. Together with project investors we developed an ideal solution for our clients that are willing to develop small-scale hydro power using tidal, wave, pump storage energy and run-of-river energy which is our centre of excellence. By means of a DBFMO approach (Design, Build, Finance, Maintenance and operation) the potential of a location can be fully exploited and green electricity can be harnessed.

Challenges to be solved: The continuing economic development combined with an increasing world population leads to an unprecedented energy demand. Today, more than 80% of the global energy needs is met by fossil fuels. However, the environmental impact and the increase of the oil prices as a result of depleting reserves are urgently requesting competitive alternative energy resources. The conversion of water to electricity has the advantage of very high water-to-electricity efficiencies and a high level of predictability of energy supply. Furthermore hydropower is one of the most cost-effective and reliable energy technologies to be considered for providing clean energy generation.