Hydrology and Hydraulic modelling is undertaken to provide accurate results to assist in the development of sustainable flood risk management solutions. Used in the planning of ports and other coastal developments to assessing environmental impacts such as water quality and sediment transport Royal HaskoningDHV’s specilists provide innovative solutions to complex water projects in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Heavilly involved in helping communities experiencing the effects of extreme flooding our scientists and engineers carry out hydraulic modelling, flood forecasting, GIS-based mapping and provide risk management expertise. Tasks include establishing baseline data, analysing flood defence performance, and developing and applying innovative modelling and data management tools.

We work with the Environment Agency on hydrological projects commissioned through the WEM framework and with local authorities including Moray Council as part of the Moray Flood Alleviation partnership. Many of our senior professionals are represented on national and international committees, such as CIWEM’S Rivers and Coastal Group, which is proactively involved in both national and international knowledge building and sharing.

Fluvial hydrology 

We assess river flows, flood risk and flood alleviation options using validated hydrological information from previous studies, gauge data and historical information. We are regularly commissioned to undertake high level reviews of hydrological analyses.

Coastal hydrology 

We study the hydraulics of a coastal region to understand the movement of tides and waves and apply hydrodynamic models to simulate the direction and magnitude of tidal currents, waves and their interactions. We examine the effects of storm surges and climate change on water levels and waves, and the changes to flow fields as a result of offshore developments.

Hydraulic modelling 

We undertake hydraulic modelling for rivers, coasts and drainage systems using one, two and three dimensional models. These results help us develop effective flood and coastal risk management solutions, plan coastal developments, and assess environmental impacts such as water quality and sediment transport. Our in-house GIS capability supports these activities.

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