Energy transition is now in full swing. We were fortunate enough to be involved in shaping the future of the Dutch energy landscape at an early stage. Now it’s time to deliver.

It’s clear that electricity will play an increasingly central role in the energy industry, which raises important questions for Dutch businesses. At what pace should we adapt? Is my electrical infrastructure future-proof? Is my installation intelligent and responsive enough for the opportunities of tomorrow? How can I get the best return on my investment?

We help our clients to answer these questions. We work closely with them to draft design parameters. In optimising the approach, we apply parametric design, while extending our outlook to create new partnerships and explore new business models.

Our high voltage team has knowledge and experience of high voltage installations up to and including 380kV. Our technical expertise helps our clients make the right decisions. We are adept at working with multiple stakeholders, tailoring our approach to the specific situation and environment in which the electrical installation must operate.

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Laurens Nordkamp

Team Leader Electrical Power

Nijmegen, NL

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