A completed building is not a completed project!

Integrated Project Management, a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, provides a wide range of multidisciplinary services to the aviation sector. IPM of late has put its long experience of project delivery into the effective production of Maintenance Integration and Handover Management products.

Our Handover management expertise

Since inception IPM has delivered over £2.5 Billion worth of projects. An essential requirement for these projects has been the provision of accurate Health & Safety files and a clear understanding of how the facility’s on-going operation and maintenance is to be dealt with. It is a legal requirement to gather this H&S information and a practical imperative that operational procedures and resources are in place. Timely and comprehensive delivery of these elements ensures project handover is successful.

On project completion the client is legally obliged under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to have fully compliant Health & Safety files for all new facilities. Recognising the importance of achieving this need, as well as the difficulties of some in providing it, led IPM to establish a dedicated department of experts to efficiently and cost effectively take control.

 The failure of having documentation and procedures in place often impacts on occupation, and can result in penalties and loss of revenues. The engagement of IPM can significantly reduce these risks.

IPM’s methodical step by step service performed by experienced experts covers:

  • ­Initiation of handover processes
  • ­Creation of Handover Deliverable Schedule so technical data deliverables align with the scope
  • ­Preparation of Handover Certificates proving stakeholder agreement
  • ­Development of Maintenance Training Needs Analysis including training
  • ­Management of progressive handover
  • ­The support and supervision of supplier’s delivery of the H&S File
  • ­Coordinate and issue completed H&S files
  • ­A sound understanding of Project’s needs
  • ­A consistent professional approach and guidance
  • ­A sound knowledge of construction and associated components
  • ­Will define requirements for Handover
  • ­Work with CDM co-ordinator
  • ­Agree content and produce templates and guidance notes
  • ­Agree review process
  • ­Provide technical and quality reviews
  • ­Agree scope of delivery
  • ­Agree programme of delivery
  • ­Use of KPI’s to monitor progress
  • ­Provide guidance and technical assistance
  • ­Active engagement with suppliers
  • ­Technical authoring
  • ­CAD resource
  • ­Commissioning management
  • ­Stakeholder management
  • ­Quality management

IPM Offers:

IPM’s range of Handover Management services:

The potential Handover Documentation Deliverables

  • ­Health & Safety File
  • ­Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • ­Asset Information
  • ­As Built Drawings
  • ­Test and Commissioning Results
  • ­Training of Maintenance Staff and training material
  • ­L2 Log Book
  • ­Quality Assurance Information
  • ­Design Information
  • ­Feed-back post occupancy

IPM staff have successfully delivered many projects, including:

  • ­Heathrow Terminal 5A
  • ­Heathrow Terminal 5B
  • ­Heathrow Terminal 5C
  • ­GCHQ Cheltenham
  • ­AWE Aldermaston
  • ­Heathrow Terminal 2A
  • ­Waste Recycling
  • ­Heathrow Terminal 4
  • ­Canada Water Library
  • ­Heathrow Terminal 3

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