Flood Risk Management is a vital service in the protection against flooding. Recent years have seen the increase of extensive flooding throughout many regions of the UK and worldwide. This has highlighted the need for improved management of awareness of the real risk of flooding that faces many lowland areas. Areas that were previously unaffected by flooding have suffered.

The scale of the damage and disruption experienced by those areas that have been affected means that it is crucial to have a far better appreciation of the mechanism of flooding and what can be done to alleviate its risk effects.

Our approach to flood risk management starts with understanding the natural processes at work and the interactions between these forces and the built environment. The influence of climate change on rainfall, tidal levels and wave heights is a key factor in this assessment.

Flood risk assessment 

We assess the risks of flooding at a range of scales, from strategic (Strategic Flood Risk Assessments, for local and regional authorities), through to the individual development level for a range of clients including developers and architects.

We were involved in the development of Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 25: Development and Flood Risk and the accompanying Practice Guide, and their dissemination through training workshops and lectures.  We are experienced in mapping the extent of flood risk areas using GIS techniques.