Fire management, planning, detection and suppression are vital in every industry to protect people and assets. Well designed and effective fire suppression systems in the maritime sector are essential for unique scenarios such as fires on-board or close to vessels, or in container stacks or petro chemical storage facilities.

Royal HaskoningDHV is a global player in fire protection consultancy and design for the maritime industry. We have over 30 years’ experience in designing robust automatic fire protection systems for a range of facilities including container, ferry,  RoRo and petrochemical import/export terminals, shipyards, naval bases and liquid and dry bulk handling facilities.

Our fire management experts have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of fire planning and protection. We will work closely with you to deliver a strategy and design solutions to limit fire risks in all aspects of your facility, from large structures to walkways and jetties.

Fire management and planning

Effective fire management and planning are crucial, and our experts tailor fire protection designs for both optimum safety and asset protection. We first assess potential risks and hazards, then use applicable design standards and software modelling to complete the design.

Our fire management and planning solutions enable your facility to operate effectively and efficiently while maintaining full compliance with national legislation and best industry practices. Delivering fully compliant installations to maritime clients worldwide, our extensive experience of working with international fire management standards includes ISGOTT, ATEX, OCIMF and the Energy Institute.  We are also members of the National Fire Protection Association.

Fire prevention, protection, detection and control

We assess all aspects of your facility to deliver safer designs. This includes equipment, operation and maintenance procedures, as well as construction and decommissioning methods. Hazards are limited by controls including fire safety sectioning and zoning, safe vehicle and personnel passage designation, fire first aid, fire detection, gas concentration detection, fire alarms and call points.

We also advise on structured maintenance programmes. These are key to preventing failures within the system and increase the likelihood of the fire protection equipment performing effectively if needed.

Fire extinguishing

Our experts deliver designs to meet all your fire extinguishing needs. Standard elements include external hydrants, deluge systems, gas extinguishing systems, fire monitors, water curtains, ship to shore connections, pumping facilities, water storage tanks and sprinkler systems.
We select suitable locations for fire protection equipment as well as completing a set of hydraulic calculations to establish the size and capacity of the pipework, valves and pumps.