Royal HaskoningDHV is world renowned for its mechanical and electrical (M&E) services in the maritime and waterways sectors.

Our mechanical, electrical and control engineers have broad experience in the design, specification, testing and commissioning of equipment including:

Linkspan bridges, passenger walkways, crew access gangways, dock and lockgate equipment, pumps, winches, brakes, drive-trains, penstocks, electrical panels, control desks and hydraulic power units.

As such, one of the many services we offer is factory acceptance testing.  Inspecting and testing of equipment and resolving any defects prior to dispatch to site plays a critical part in the success of any project which involves M&E equipment.  Without this work being undertaken, there are significant risks of the equipment being found to be not-to-specification, of poor quality, faulty, or at worst unusable once site installation and commissioning is underway.  This late discovery of problems can be very detrimental to the project’s programme and costs; delays in completion can sometimes incur higher consequential costs than the value of the actual equipment.

The tests which are undertaken or witnessed on behalf of our Clients may include dimensional checks, pre-assembly / disassembly, paint thickness tests (DFT), pressure testing, performance testing, functional testing and testing of safety devices/functions.

The advantages of undertaking comprehensive factory testing are that the likelihood of the successful and timely installation and commission are greatly increased and it can be demonstrated that reasonable precautions have been taken.

We can assisted our Clients by providing these services in locations all over the world for many types of project and equipment; we can also assess the suitability of the technical documentation such as technical (installation, operation and maintenance) manuals which is also required to accompany such equipment.

Our worldwide presence also means that we may have engineers based locally to the manufacturer’s premises which provides financial benefits when compared to the Client’s Engineers travelling, sometimes many thousands of miles.  One such example concerned the factory acceptance testing of a number of large disk brake callipers in the UK which were destined to be installed at a dam in New South Wales, Australia and used for the braking and holding of large radial spillway gates.

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