Facility development is not just a matter of installing the latest equipment or computer systems.

The layout and type of facilities must be a reflection of the shipyard's marketing strategy and operating philosophy. Without a total operations approach to facility development, "islands of technology" are created by individual area managers. This often causes production bottlenecks, poor overall performance and below optimum return on capital investment.

First Marine applies an analytical, total operations approach to the design of manufacturing and construction facilities that recognises the importance of developing the "soft" aspects of the organisation in order to realise the full potential of new facilities and production methods. The approach follows a series of steps which, when implemented, ensures the shipyard achieves competitive levels of throughput and performance.

The definition of market demand in terms of product mix, throughput rate and performance is an essential pre-requisite for successful shipyard development. Market conditions are forcing many shipbuilders to broaden their product mix in order to remain in business. This in turn is driving the introduction of product-oriented workstation operations which is reflected in the layout and material flows of the facility.

A product-oriented philosophy dictates that vessels in the targeted product mix are analysed to establish the type and quantity of interim products.

Through the application of group technology principles, product families are defined and associated with stages of production. Only then is it possible to define the required equipment, process lines and assembly areas and to develop layout options.

First Marine is a world leader in shipyard layout design and engineering for both greenfield sites and for the expansion and development of existing yards. We are at the forefront in the development of shipbuilding technology and our staff have been closely involved with the design of some of the world's largest shipyards in the Far East.

Our expertise includes:

  • Product analysis
  • Definition of manufacturing technology
  • Facility planning and layout design
  • Detailed design and engineering
  • Equipment selection
  • Project management
  • Management and organisation requirements
  • Manpower requirements
  • Definition of operating systems and procedures

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