Portfolio management

Royal HaskoningDHV has a strong track-record of managing complex and successful portfolios. Portfolio management provides an overall process and governance framework, and the lifecycle consists of two phases: Portfolio Definition and Porfolio Delivery.

Unlike projects and programmes, portfolios are less likely to have a defined start and finish, and might be constrained by something like a strategic planning cycle. Portfolio management is a more continual cycle coordinating projects and programmes.

Programme management

Royal HaskoningDHV are experts in programme management. We can manage and deliver the most complex programmes of work, turning your initial business ideas into tangible outcomes.

Our experience covers the full scope of works, ranging from definition to project completion.  We are constantly looking to ensure that your programmes are lean and efficient, and work to achieve the best results for your business.

Project management

Our project management team has the experience and expertise to manage and deliver a wide range of projects from small refurbishment schemes to major developments. Our experience covers the full scope of works, ranging from direct advice on methods of procurement, to final certification on project completion.

Successful project delivery requires an integrated process in which design, construction, operation and maintenance are considered as a whole. Our sound project management approach integrates all involved parties to ensure a united commitment to quality, schedule and budget to bring about successful project delivery.

Design management

The design and implementation process is an end-to-end core process for addressing business needs. At Royal HaskoningDHV we translate your needs into a project scope of work, before designing a solution which is both cost efficient and effective to build and operate.

We have a clear, consistent and coordinated approach which will deliver predictability, create clarity, and drive efficient execution of design activity. We ensure that the requirements of our client are met, that the focus stays on the end result and that the result of the design stage meets the expectations and matches the ambitions of the client.

Construction management

During the construction phase of a project, the Royal HaskoningDHV project team represent the interests of their client, ensuring that the construction work is delivered to a high standard. 

Our management approach means that we are able to closely monitor progress, and can help prevent problems that may arise. We work proactively with contractors to ensure that work can progress as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our contract managers, construction managers and quality supervisors have a detailed understanding of local rules and regulations governing construction, health, safety and the environment, and will ensure that contractors are working within these regulations.

Interface management

Effective interface management is crucial to ensuring that all relevant parties contributing to the success of the project are aligned. Royal HaskoningDHV ensure that there is an accurate interface register for all projects. Action holders and responsibilities would be clearly identified by use of RACI’s and interface resolution sheets, to ensure that communication between all interfaces takes place in a timely and efficient manner.
Our interface managers can anticipate issues, quickly identify any delays, and ensure that progress can continue unimpeded.

Project strategy & planning

Royal HaskoningDHV’s experts understand the importance of robust plans for each stage of a project. We work to identify the appropriate activities at each stage of your project, and ensure that we are using resources, time and money in the most efficient way.

We continually monitor and control progress against our plans, and provide our clients with clear Project Executive Plans, guaranteeing the efficient execution of the project in line with the project’s pre-defined objectives.

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