Bicycle Infrastructure Design

Royal HaskoningDHV have considerable experience in the design of bicycle infrastructure within the Netherlands.  Recent experience includes the design of the RijnWaalpad, a High Speed Bicycle Route between the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen.

We participate as part of the internationally recognized Dutch Cycling Embassy, and are regularly called upon to present our expertise at conferences in the UK and abroad.

Our work includes the design of substantial bicycle parking systems, such as the bicycle park below the square in front of Utrecht’s central railway station – big enough for 12,500 bicycles – where Royal HaskoningDHV has developed a logistical system that optimises the accessibility of the cycle park to make it easy for every cyclist to find his/her own bike when they return.

Our innovation includes studies on how to plan bicycle infrastructure for the future.  The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment chose the project “The Forgiving Bicycle Road” proposed by the Royal HaskoningDHV as being the most innovative research plan to increase the safety of cyclists over the age of 50. The project is geared to the physical capabilities and limitations of senior citizens.

The Turbo Roundabout

Safe roundabouts for all road users. Copyright: Royal HaskoningDHV
A Turbo roundabout is an innovative junction design which seeks to increase junction capacity and improve road safety.

This style of junction is generally used at larger interchanges, and will incorporate mountable raised lane dividers on the junction approach and within the junction’s circulatory carriageway that reduces the number of vehicle conflict points and weaving within the junction.

In combination with lower vehicle speeds and more predictable driver behaviour we would expect a Turbo roundabout to have a reduced collision record than a standard UK junction, and improved capacity.

Cyclists are not asked to share road space with general traffic, with segregated cycle lanes provided around the junction.

Royal HaskoningDHV have experience in the design and modelling of Turbo Roundabout junctions in the Netherlands, where this style of junction is becoming commonplace.  Our work is undertaken with regard to with best practice CROW design guidance.

To read about Royal HaskoningDHV’s article on Turbo roundabout operation, published in Local Transport Today, please follow this link.