Sustainability & environmental management

The complexity and range of environmental impacts, coupled with the increasing pressures of legislation, customer expectation and greater public awareness, means a systematic, fact-based approach is required to control an organisation's impact on the environment and satisfy its environmental obligations.

Royal HaskoningDHV have a long and established track record in managing sustainability and environmental impacts of projects.

We can help our clients to understand the impact of their project, respond to planning requirements, manage any reputational risk, address whole life costs, and more.

Site supervision

During the construction process, we have the expertise to manage the day-to-day operation and production on site. This ranges from ensuring that health and safety processes and laws are complied with, to managing plant and tools, controlling site deliveries and ensuring that quality procedures are followed.

We have experienced and competent site supervisors and construction managers who can ensure the smooth running and operation of your construction site.

Health & safety management

Health and safety management is an integral part of many project procedures, from design to planning, and handover. At Royal HaskoningDHV we believe that health and safety management is not a standalone process, but should be woven through any project.

We provide a robust approach to health and safety management ensuring that the project is compliant, that it reflects best practice within the client’s organisation and construction industry, that risks to all parties are controlled in construction and that the facility is safe to use, and that the construction workforce is supported from design stages and beyond.

Quality assurance

We pay a huge amount of detail throughout the project process to ensure that the quality of the outcome meets the expectations of our clients.

From the outset, we ensure that we have a clear definition of the client’s requirements, and then put in place measures to ensure that we achieve that at each stage, including benchmarking, technical submissions, and inspection test plans.

During construction, we work closely with specialists and suppliers to ensure that they have a clear understanding of your requirements, and agree KPIs and milestones. We also conduct regular reviews, provide technical assistance, and audit suppliers.

Logistics management

Many projects have been delayed or negatively impacted by poorly planned logistics. Our experts understand all the risks associated with logistics management, and keep an eye on even the most minute details.

We can produce accurate and workable logistics policies that will coordinate anything from materials and delivery control, to welfare accommodation, traffic management, rubbish removal and site housekeeping.

KPI dashboards

While reporting is not the ultimate deliverable of project control, the output is key to ensuring that the whole team can make the right decisions at the right time and based on robust information.

We use KPI dashboards that can integrate data aligned to the process toolset and structure, identify key deliverables and information, set up early warning around those key deliverables, and define reporting structures and levels.

This means that we can reduce data hndling, focus on the key drivers, reduce resources, and allow for accurate and timely financial and progress reporting, as well as early identification and reporting of risk issues. 

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