During the construction phase of a building project, Royal HaskoningDHV represents the interests of our client. Monitoring the quality of the construction work is one of our core activities. Within the agreed responsibilities the contract manager and quality supervisor monitor the contractual arrangements between the client and the contractor and the quality of the process and the work realised. With a proactive approach, we help to prevent problems during the construction phase and enable the contractor to function as efficiently as possible. Our local presence enables us to limit journey distances. This close involvement and intensive monitoring of the construction process in practice lead to the best results.

Our core business is making sure the building project is realised as specified, within the agreed limits of time, costs, scope and quality. Our contract managers, construction managers and quality supervisors know the rules and regulations governing construction and health, safety and environment. By clearly communicating on the critical factors of time, costs, scope and quality , the contract manager ensures that all agreements between the parties shall be fulfilled, including timely data provision.

Other parts of the work of Royal HaskoningDHV can be the design of the project organisation, to advise on additional work and payments, execute document management, prepare of periodic status reports and financial statements and the commissioning procedure. We have fixed documents in our project management system on processes, procedures, and the handling of additional work / scope change.

We also manage innovative (integrated) contracts, for example with the Dutch UAV-gc conditions of contract.  These type of contracts require a different attitude of contract managers and quality supervisors. Our team of project managers, contract managers and quality supervisors has extensive experience in the management of innovative (integrated) contracts such as Engineering & Construct, Design & Construct, Design & Build, DBFMO and Public Private Partnerships (PPP). They are frequently executed with success by Royal HaskoningDHV, both on the side of public and private clients. A method frequently used by Royal HaskoningDHV to control these type of projects is systems oriented contract management (systeemgerichte contractbeheersing SCB).