Delivery, strategy and governance

Any successful project requires an overarching strategy, diligent delivery and careful governance. We apply our unique approach across the end-to-end project process, managing communication within the project team.
We will work with you to define the business drivers, objectives and scope of your project, collating relevant information about the project, including previous lessons learnt documentation. We will establish clear and meaningful critical success factors, and ensure that the business brief and execution plans are developed, issued and maintained.
This process provides assurance around the health of the project at key gateway decision points, and provides process assurance against a defined, mandatory list of deliverables.

Briefing & requirements management

We will work closely with you to define the project scope, key deliverables and your desired outcomes. We will take you through the process from understanding your objectives, to delivering a completed project brief.  We understand that no project is the same, so we carefully tailor our approach to each individual project, taking into account the business context and your specific requirements.
We’ll also look at funding objectives, performance expectations, acceptance criteria, and risk assessment. All this information will be used to inform concept designs, cost plans and schedules. We’ll also make sure you understand any legal, financial and environmental considerations you need to be aware of.

Funding advice & due diligence

Funding is the means by which the finance required to undertake a project, programme or portfolio is secured, and made available to perform the work.
We will work with you to determine the best way to fund the work, secure commitment from fund holders, and manage the release of funds throughout the life cycle.
We can identify sources of funding, negotiate terms, and administer funding.

Business case & benefits management

Having a clear and agreed business case at the outset of a project is fundamental to success. We will ensure that business cases are robust, with relevant information that enables effective decision-making.
We ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your desired business outcomes, and work to prioritise the relevant business objectives

Our approach will drive project performance, and ensure that you have a clear baseline against which progress and final investment can be measured.

Organisational design & development

People are fundamental to delivering successful projects. We apply careful consideration to the design, population and development of the project team, from clarification of roles, to individual responsibilities, accountability and leadership.

Our aim is to develop a high-performing, reliable and flexible project team, who can successfully deliver the project objectives.

We work to ensure that every member of the project team has the capacity to deliver throughout the project, that they understand project values, behaviours and culture, and that they are fully aligned with the project objectives.

Stakeholder management

Stakeholder management is a critical part of setting up and implementing a project. Managing stakeholders’ input into a project is vital if the project is to succeed. We identify and engage with stakeholders at an early stage, working to understand their needs and influence.

We will communicate with your stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that they have a clear understanding of the project and its objectives, and giving them the opportunity to share their views and provide feedback if required.

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