For Royal HaskoningDHV, safety and security are inseparably linked, these two disciplines cover many things that cannot be treated separately or that cover common elements. Safety and security installations are not 'add ons' they are embedded within the organization and the building.

The avoidance of a disaster is not always possible. However, our structured approach to safety and security is based of the philosophy of the 'The Hague methodology' (De Haagse Methodiek-DHM). This reduces the risk of negative experiences significantly. To achieve a thorough, comprehensive safety and security plan all the factors set out in the Hague Methodology are followed: from identification to implementation. Important components in this process are a thorough risk assessment and analysing 'what if' scenarios combined with coordination between the organizational, structural and technical interpretations.

The integrated master plan is the basis for now and in the future implementing safety and security in your organization.