Failure to start an emergency power supply, the malfunctioning of a preference circuit, smoke and odour in an air handling system are just a few examples that can jeopardise your business and also can cause negative media attention.

A risk is the multiple of probability x impact. The higher the score, the greater the risk that the system is not functioning. With the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) risk scan we make clear where your risks lie. With the results of the scan you can take considered decisions to minimise or exclude risks.

How does this method work?

Based on the FMEA method we analyse your installation (part). This method makes use of cohesion and logical relationship of the installation and is very apparent in the design and reporting. In the analysis we take the opportunity of discovery of the failure along and we determine risks of the various components of the system.

The specialists at Royal HaskoningDHV like to think along about the possibility’s what the Quick Risk Scan can mean for your organization.