Royal HaskoningDHV offers a wide range of Commissioning services, including BREEAM and LEED required Commissioning activities, as part of a building services assignment or independently in the role of Commissioning Authority/Manager.

Commissioning is important and is getting much more important because:
  • In the past no or just limited Commissioning was performed and consequently the large majority of the existing buildings does not operate in conformity with their design intent.
  • The required building performances, e.g. indoor climate, (nearly) Zero Energy Buildings and sustainability are increasing.
  • The complexity of building systems is increasing.

Commissioning begins with planning and includes design, construction, start-up, acceptance and training, and can be applied throughout the life of the building.

Royal HaskoningDHV offers Commissioning based on the client and project specific needs e.g.:

Design Phase

  • Review and improve Owners Program of Requirements and/or the Bases of Design.
  • Review and improve the Bases of Design.
  • Develop or review the Commissioning plan.
  • Incorporate Commissioning requirements into the construction documents.
  • Conduct commissioning design review prior to midconstruction documents.

Construction Phase

  • Review contractor submittals applicable to systems being commissioned.
  • Verify installation and performance of commissioned systems.
  • Develop systems manual for commissioned systems.
  • Verify that requirements for O&M training are completed.
  • Complete a summary Commissioning report.


  • Monitor and/or review building operation after completion.

More information about commissioning can be found on the 'Whole Green Building Design' website and in the BREEAM and LEED manuals.

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