Organisations revolve around returns and profit, and in most organisations this is generated by the employees. The potential for buildings to influence the level of sick leave and to affect productivity positively has been scientifically proven for decades.

Potential effect of designs on revenues is not easy to calculate and ‘prove’, but the financial pay-back is much larger. For example: measures that improve productivity of office employees typically create 25 times more gain than measures that save energy costs!

Royal HaskoningDHV acknowledges this potential gain for organisations through their real estate and incorporates this knowledge into building projects through experts in both psychology and technical building expertise. This knowledge is implemented across many market segments (health care, offices and schools) as in different building stages (new buildings, renewing old buildings).

Much is already understood, but there is always more to discover in this field. We actively add knowledge in this area and engage our clients to use their buildings for new scientific research projects. In this way we investigate empirically how satisfaction and productivity can be improved by the indoor environment.

Royal HaskoningDHV developed methods to extract complex ambitions and requirements and transforming and incorporating this into a program of requirements and design documents. Also this knowledge is applied in situations of sick building syndrome and high level of indoor environment complaints. By taking into account not only mechanical and electrical services and building physics, but also psychology and housing consultancy is incorporated, results in the right solutions to the problems. 

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