The First Marine shipyard benchmarking system assesses the use of best practice in 130 separate activities and processes.

The correlation between performance and best practice rating enables the competitive position of a shipyard to be established. The benchmarking system explains the current level of performance and determines processes and practices that need adopting to improve performance to a pre-determined level. It ensures both short and long-term improvement plans are properly focused and resources concentrated where most needed.

The output of a benchmarking study, combined with market analysis results, enables a shipyard to develop a coherent action plan for improving its competitiveness. Short-term plans may have a horizon of a few months and provide immediate benefits. Long-term plans result in continuous and sustainable improvement, typically 10% to 15% per annum, helping secure the shipyard's future.

The system was originally developed for shipbuilding but has been expanded for ship repair and conversion and general manufacturing. The 130 elements of the system are formed into 18 groups. Some groups relate only to specific sectors of industry, others such as marketing and product development, human resources and purchasing and supply chain are widely applicable.

The system has been applied in over 100 shipyards worldwide and has formed the basis for industry studies in the USA, the UK, mainland Europe, Japan and South Korea. Our benchmarking activities provide us with detailed and unparalleled knowledge of international shipbuilding and repair operations.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Company and industry benchmarking
  • Technology profiling
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Cost reduction plans
  • Management of change
  • Manpower development and training
  • Operational assistance

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