Having the right information available to be able to proactively steer on performance, risk and cost in all phases of asset management is of vital importance. This serves to support decisions - which maintenance will be performed in the coming year - and operations - an up to date 'as built' situation as the technical basis for operational parties.

When designing your information management, it is essential to select and implement the right software, make the right process agreements and have full and accurate information in your database. Our advisors are well-versed in the information you want to manage, and are able to assist you in designing your information systems.
They have specific knowledge relating to:

Asset Information Model

A central source of information can be immediately consulted and supplemented with the right resources in the field. We have experience with various scenarios and procedures for structural integration of your information in your management systems. We generally manage building information using a DMS (Document Management System) in combination with an FMIS (Facility Management Information System). If the management situation is applicable, we work with a Building Information Model (BIM).

Structure of Asset Databases and design of FMIS

A structured Asset Database is the basis for multy-year maintenance program (LTMP), budget calculations, condition measurements and financial reports. For the right planning, checking the operation & maintenance cost, and realising reliable steering information for management and maintenance of buildings and technical installations, we set up Asset Databases and optimise your existing steering information systems.

Support in designing system landscapes

For the implementation and design of property information systems, we organise efficient data exchange for the various information systems. Furthermore, in addition to technical system-related knowledge within your IT department, most clients need practical support from property and asset management information system implementations.

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