Strategic Asset Surveys enable our clients to approach asset management extremely efficiently, channelling funds in a risk averse and cost effective manner. Such surveys identify and focus on high risks to safety and commercial elements of the portfolio.

The IPM process leads to:

  • Ensuring structural soundness (fitness for purpose)
  • Ensuring property assets operate correctly at all operational times
  • Minimising the risk of injury to staff and visitors
  • Complying with relevant legislation (national and international)

Applications cover inspections of airport facilities such as:

  • Terminal building
  • Baggage halls
  • Piers
  • Passenger airbridges
  • Car parks
  • Commercial office buildings


  • De-risking the Client property portfolio
  • Ensuring business continuity for our Clients
  • Provide a low cost high effect maintenance programme.
  • In engaging the service of IPM’s highly qualified and experienced engineers, asset owners are able to build a clear understanding and register of critical assets and their condition.
  • By so doing cost effective maintenance can be achieved, channelling funds strictly where required rather than blanket coverage
  • In adopting the appropriate periodic regime the asset owner is able to demonstrate to its stakeholders such as Airlines, Shareholders and Insurers that it is prudently managing its facilities in a professional and cost effective fashion

The Service

Process overview: 

1st Tier Inspection (Standard Product)

  • 360 Inspection Model
  • Desk top review
  • Local knowledge gathering exercise
  • Understanding of the buildings functionality
  • Random inspection point sampling
  • Produce report

2nd Tier Inspection (Optional Product Enhancement)

  • Detail structural and conditional surveys where tier 1 inspections warrant it necessary
  • Absolute fully detailed report

Remediation action repairs (Optional Product Enhancement)

  • Preparation of repair design solution
  • Management of repair solution

The procedure should be undertaken on all aviation/commercial properties

  • Buildings post-1994 should have maintenance regimes in place specified within Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Buildings pre-1994 all need review according to Risk Evaluation
  • Building surveys should be tackled according to Safety Priority
  • and Business Priority

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