It is sometimes difficult to understand how aspects such as privacy, communication, concentration and well-being can be affected by the design of a building. At Royal HaskoningDHV we have a dedicated team of acoustic consultants and engineers with  specialist experience of developing good architectural acoustics alongside cutting-edge designs for international projects around the world.

Healthy acoustic environment

In hospitals, the average noise exposure has significantly increased over the last decade. High noise levels are of great concern because they have been found to decrease the recovery speed of patients, increase errors in medical staff, and even disturb the development of newborns.

In classrooms the room acoustics are also of great importance. Trends show that the amount of students per class has grown across the globe. When the teacher cannot be understood this disturbs the teaching process and could ultimately lead to teachers developing voice problems if insufficient.

And in most urban areas noise levels continue to rise due to increasing amounts of traffic and industrialization, which can pose a significant health threat.

At Royal HaskoningDHV our acoustics consultants and engineers are highly motivated and competent to ensure adequate acoustic protection and provide good room acoustic treatment.

Our specialist services in noise and vibration control include:

  • Assessment of airborne sound insulation and impact sound insulation
  • All kinds of acoustic and vibration measurements
  • Prediction and simulation of environmental noise and construction noise
  • Vibration measurements during construction or demolition works and due to traffic
  • Vibration isolation of (sensitive) equipment
  • Assessment of noise of MEP-equipment
  • Assessment of noise at the workplace
  • Avoiding of crosstalk

Productivity, concentration and well-being

Open plan offices take away boundaries between employees, allowing them to actively work flexibly together in teams. However, careful planning of workspaces isn’t always carried out.

Inadequate layouts of open plan offices can easily result in distractions, insufficient privacy and impaired concentration among employees. This can cause loss of productivity, a lack of well-being and sometimes even illness. We are experts in evaluating open plan office design, ensuring optimal and sustainable acoustic conditions for the most important asset within a company – the people.

Cutting-edge acoustics for arts and culture

Most buildings for arts and culture are intended for a great variety of uses. Whether it’s creating a ‘tantalizing’ classical performance within a theatre or concert hall, or making sure that same space can accommodate a pop music event, we have extensive experience in providing engineering expertise to create good acoustics.

Our specialist services for room acoustics include:

  • 3D room acoustic prediction and simulation
  • Room acoustics assessment
  • Laboratory testing of products in cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Acoustic assessment of performance spaces, concert hall acoustics and stage acoustics
  • Open-plan office acoustics
  • Intelligibility assessment of public address systems