A catalyst for effective partnership working and better, faster decision making

Accelerated Collaboration is a tool for securing agreement and action amongst multiple partners tasked with making important decisions.

Places are under pressure and must work smarter to overcome the challenges faced. There is a need for better, faster decisions based on the right evidence and with agreement from a range of stakeholders. We need to collaborate at unprecedented levels and, at the same time, get better at understanding and sharing the complex data that decisions are based on.

Smarter working to build commonly agreed strategies for complex places

Accelerated Collaboration works with four clear stages:

  1. Engaging the right people in a clear, compelling and evidence based process to tackle a specific challenge within a set time frame.
  2. Gathering the data from multiple partner organisations, aligning it, and creating a visual platform using Google Earth that can be interrogated to understand different scenarios.
  3. Designing a series of partner workshops where the combined evidence base is used to build shared understanding and common agreement on the course of action.
  4. Using multi-media visualisation to share agreed priorities and plans, along with the technical information on which decisions are based, with wider stakeholders.

 “It sounds simple because it’s what we should all be doing. But we’re not. The process of creating change can be very slow because in nearly all sectors this involves aligning the data, thinking, plans and funding streams of a wide range of organisations before action can happen.”
Chris Baines, leading independent environmentalist.

Accelerated Collaboration Applications

Accelerated Collaboration Application Notes

The Denver Complex - A shared understanding of flood prevention in the Fens

Accelerated Collaboration Peterborough DHA“Being able to explain the purpose and operation of key assets in a visually engaging way allows a much improved dialogue between stakeholders and the Environment Agency, and enables us to move forward, setting the right course on decisions that will affect communities, the environment and the economy for many years to come."
 Dr Geoff Brighty, Environment Agency Anglian Region Central Area Manager.

Read the Denver Complex Application Note.

Bringing bids to life - securing inward investment for city projects

Accelerated Collaboration Denver Complex“Peterborough’s bid was extremely competitive, helped by the powerful way we aligned city data to create visualisations. Rather than telling the panel about the need for our project, we were able to show them.”
 Steve Bowyer, Opportunity Peterborough.

Read the Peterborough DNA Bid Application Note.

Living data – city data that’s open, accessible and real-time

Accelerated Collaboration - LDP2“Cities have a lot of data, about population, health, and waste. We want to bring this data to life and make it easy to understand to see what innovation it inspires. It’s all about shaping a smarter Peterborough, a future-city.”
Ina Dimireva, Opportunity Peterborough.

Read about visualising city data.

A better, faster approach to identifying health priorities – children’s health JSNA in Peterborough

Accelerated Collaboration - JSNA“This innovative approach enables us to bring together and illustrate data in different ways to stimulate debate and forge deeper understanding so we can become more effective decision makers.”
Sue Mitchell, Acting Director of Public Health, Peterborough.

Read about Peterborough’s children’s health Joint Strategic Needs Assessments.

“A hugely powerful tool to tackle flood management” – Accelerated Collaboration at Alt Crossens

Accelerated Collaboration - Alt Crossens“We knew we needed to try a different way of doing things. That’s where Accelerated Collaboration came in. This is a hugely powerful tool, it was inspiring when I had that eureka moment and realised this was a process that would get us to that important point of agreeing priorities. We’ve gone from a point of conflict to collective respect and equal understanding of the challenges and the technical information that’s affecting our decision making.”
Andy Brown, Flood and Coastal Risk Manager, Environment Agency.

Read how Accelerated Collaboration delivered a plan for Alt Crossens.

Technology is the key to smart cities – The Peterborough Model

Accelerated Collaboration - Peterborough“The Peterborough Model is an excellent tool that we can use for monitoring the environmental performance of our city and for bringing a wide range of partners together to discuss and help co-create the way forward. It is a centrepiece of our programme to be the UK’s Environment Capital.”
Marco Cereste, Leader, Peterborough City Council.

Read how Accelerated Collaboration delivered a complete picture of Peterborough’s environmental performance.

Common understanding of complex places – flood management at the Ouse Washes

Accelerated Collaboration - Ouse Washes"The approach using Accelerated Collaboration is an excellent means to get common understanding of complex places. The Fens and particularly the Ouse Washes has significant sustainability challenges ahead, requiring key decisions on local strategy and capital investment."
Dr Geoff Brighty, Environment Agency Anglian Region Central Area Manager.

Read about the visual model of the role and operation of the Ouse Washes.

Establishing and communicating economic priorities effectively in Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough

Accelerated Collaboration - Local Enterprise"The visual model for the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership will play a crucial role in establishing the LEP and in communicating its priorities with our stakeholders.”
Alex Plant, Strategy Director, Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership.

Read about building a common understanding of the needs and opportunities of the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Accessible and meaningful public consultation – Peterborough City Centre Plan

Accelerated Collaboration - Peterborough City Centre Plan"We wanted to communicate an overview of the whole plan in a few minutes and make it more readily accessible to a greater number our citizens and partners. Our multi-media and fly-through approach makes it easy to present the overview of the plan to a very wide group of stakeholders". 
Gemma Wildman, Principal Planner, Peterborough City Council.

Read about the visualisation of the city centre plans

Watch a video fly-through of the visualisation.

A new approach to tackling fuel poverty - Glasgow

Accelerated Collaboration - Glasgow“It would not have automatically struck me that fuel poverty was a subject that could have been brought to bear in this way as something of crucial moral and social importance.”
Gordon Matherson, Leader, Glasgow City Council.

Read how Accelerated Collaboration helped tackle fuel poverty in Glasgow.

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