The project consists of a total renewal of the existing hospital from 2002 until 2014 (220.000 m2). This ambitious plan will take place in several phases. First of all the interim facilities were realized and the 'old' hospital is renewed up to a level so that it can function until the 'new' hospital is ready. The new hospital will be built in three phases.

Our services

  • The design and engineering of all technical installations from initiative until the building period and aftercare
  • Program management
  • Technical supervision

Innovation and sustainability

  • Innovative and efficient new technology for the Hospital Power Supply
  • Innovative Roofing with natural grass, CO2 cleansing, water storage
  • Splitting-up casco (shell)- and interior design in order to increase the flexibility during design and construction due to user-involvement, enabling inserting latest state-of-the-art equipment

User involvement

Crucial in the design is the involvement and input of users (Management, head of departments, medical specialists etc.).

We have good experience with the following approach:
  • Our designers make a first lay-out and room book of all the technical facilities of the rooms (connections, light, ventilation, atmospheric pressure in clean rooms etc). This is done based on the program of requirements, knowledge and expertise of our designers and experiences with other university hospitals.
  • Then a (limited) representation of the users per department will be informed by the design team in workshop sessions and the design is checked by the users. The 3D function of BIM is an excellent tool to inform the users about their new working environment.
  • After the incorporation of the remarks by the design team, the drawings finally need to be approved by the users.
Empiricism teaches that - by not entering into in-depth discussions with too many users - the risks of failure cost, risk of delay and overrunning the budget will be minimized.