As part of a worldwide rollout, Philips is encouraging greater employee collaboration, knowledge sharing and communication – three ingredients which are crucial for innovation. This, together with flexible working amongst its workforce is all part of the Workplace Innovation initiative.

At the start of 2015, the Project Management Consultancy Advisory Group within Royal HaskoningDHV was tasked with delivering the design and Project Management of the innovative workspace for the new UK headquarters for Philips. Mirroring projects around the globe in Philips’ offices – including Brazil, India, Portugal and the USA – the company’s new UK headquarters encourages a new way of working. Research shows that 72% of managers think that there is a link between increased employee engagement and flexible working (Regus), and Philips is encouraging employees to switch to flexible working practices using advanced working tools and technologies which allow them to work anytime, anywhere.

The Philips Workplace Innovation project aims to optimise office space with the use of different workspaces based on different employee needs – whether that’s an Open Work setting, a Focus Room for team meetings, the Silent Work Area for no interruptions or a Phone Booth to conduct a private conversation.

With 500 employees located in Guildford at the company’s UK HQ, Philips embarked upon a £3million project to relocate to a new office building and to change employees’ way of working. Royal HaskoningDHV delivered the fit out of the new HQ as part of a worldwide framework agreement with Philips covering the design of the 34,450ft2, 2-floor office space, as well as procurement and project management.

“This project saw extensive co-operation across Royal HaskoningDHV, drawing upon the expertise of our Buildings and Services team as well as the Project Management Consultancy Advisory Group,” commented Teddy Bogdanovski, Philips Programme Account Manager, Royal HaskoningDHV. “Our integrated design and project management approach provided Philips with an end-to-end, seamless offer from the beginning of the project to the company’s move-in date.”

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