13 Dec 2018

Taking place on 13 December at etc.venues County Hall in central London, we’re taking part in the New Civil Engineer’s Innovations in Infrastructure event; a forum for industry leaders to explore the latest developments that will shape infrastructure projects in 2019.

At the event, we will be presenting Flowtack, our award-winning, innovative traffic management solution which continuously optimises traffic flow in real-time, providing road managers with proactive control of traffic flow.

Flowtack can improve accessibility within the city and manage air quality areas by collating and analysing big data from traffic sensors, satellite navigation and smart phones across an entire city.

Frank Legters, Director Business Unit Transport & Planning Europe at Royal Haskoning DHV, said: “It’s great to be a part of this agenda-setting event. As a company, we focus on solving the challenges that society is facing, to ultimately improve the way we live, create healthy cities and enhance society together.

“Flowtack will reduce congestion and improve traffic flow around busy city road networks. It will help improve residents’ lives by reducing travel times, pollution and noise. We’re excited to showcase this solution at a key UK event with the NCE.”

For more information on Flowtack, please click here.

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