As an independent international expert in R&D facilities, Royal HaskoningDHV can help you develop and optimise your research and production centres strategically, tactically and operationally.

In a global market where dynamics and competition are major factors, the capacity to innovate is vital to success. For your organisation, this means a constant quest to be better, faster and more efficient. Your research and production centres make an important contribution here. Real estate may not be part of your core business, but it does play an essential role in the purpose of your company. Dealing more smartly with facilities that are the key to success opens up a wide range of opportunities.  

Innovation & Working Environment  

Research & Development is primarily concerned with technology, but people are the ones that make the difference. Your R&D employees are the driving force behind product and process innovation. The better their talents are used, the stronger the results. An inspiring working environment has a proven positive impact on collaboration, creativity and knowledge exchange. In turn, this helps retain and attract high potentials and secure a leading position in the ‘war for talent’. Top-level building performance and the capacity to innovate go hand in hand, a vitality that comes from smartly designed and consistently monitored facilities.  

Flexibility & Time-to-Market

Today’s fast-moving international developments require greater flexibility on every front. It is no longer about being the strongest or biggest company, but about being the one that responds best to change. Your research and production facilities can also be made flexible. In the case of a new building or renovation project, you can design the spaces in a way that creates multi-functional and/or volume-variable facilities. It means you can respond more smartly and more effectively to the dynamics of a global market that demands increasingly rapid time-to-market.  

Safety & Continuity

Besides innovation, quality assurance plays an important role in a globalising market with increasingly complicated value chains. Whether it involves medicines, foodstuffs, electronics equipment or solar panels, the journey from raw material to end product is complex and diffuse. If anything goes wrong, then the brands at the front line are the ones who lose the confidence of the end users. The quality of your range depends on the performance of your test laboratories and production facilities. Investing in technology, manpower, reliability and safety therefore safeguards the solidity and continuity of your business.  

Innovation & Process

Investing in new buildings or renovation requires a careful balance between costs and revenue. Smart financing, contracting and organising make the business case more attractive. An innovative mix of cost control, risk spreading and integration of responsibilities results in an R&D environment with improved performance and a better risk balance. 

Expertise & Total

With high quality research and production facilities, you can make the difference between an unremarkable and a distinctive range. These buildings affect your power to innovate and thus your competitive strength. Royal HaskoningDHV can support you conceptually, technically and organisationally in the development or redevelopment and optimisation of your facilities, enabling you to focus on your core business. To safeguard flexibility and a fast time-to-market as efficiently as possible, we apply standards based on our many years of experience with R&D to quickly create and establish concepts. In combination with our custom work, we provide optimal solutions for your organisation. With our in-depth expertise and extensive international experience, we are happy to help you build future-proof facilities that will sustainably energise your innovative capacity and competitive strength.