As a trusted partner in commercial property, we have helped build the skylines of our cities and define the quality of urban environments. Our work continues to evolve with the changing aspirations and challenges that developers and owners face.

For commercial real estate today, be it a hotel or retail, environment is arguably the single most important issue. Once considered a niche playing field, sustainability has evolved from 'nice to have' to 'must have' as the demands of both customer and rules tighten for the industry. Already some of the biggest players are leading towards more environmentally aware practices. Companies like Tesco, Coop as well as Sainsbury's, Starbucks, Zara and Wal-Mart are now leading the way. Not having sustainability built into your retail strategy has become the exception, where only a few years ago it was the rule.

Our global reach and knowledge can help you understand the markets in depth and can return the focus on making assets outperform today, tomorrow and in the future.