With the aim of driving awareness and growth around shaping the impact of water on industries’ bottom lines, we are asking leading voices in the global Water for Industry ecosystem to contribute to this discussion by sharing their insights, vision and future-forward methodologies.


Impacts on business continuity, industry processes, environmental and economic assets from water, weather and climate challenges occur at different scales and on different timescales. The good news is that water risks and their impact can be reduced by taking measures and making changes in processes, practices, systems and structures that respond to both global and local contexts. Solutions lie in protecting and strengthening your business resilience, focussing on sustainable water use and work on good water stewardship.

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There are many opportunities for industry to tap into the business potential and benefits of transitioning to a water-secure future. Those that are already on the journey, reporting their environmental performance, potentially have a competitive edge. Dragan Savic, CEO of KWR, gives his take on transitioning to an industrial symbiotic ecosystem, the role of digitalisation and the importance of the human dimension in socialising both.

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“There should be a horizontal integration through the digitisation of data from all the different players in the water network to promote efficient water administration. Governance is critical to counter a disjointed approach to water management within utilities and between utilities and industry.” 

Dragan Savic, CEO KWR


“While the world of investment can seem abstract, the same things that impact the real world, impact investments too. The issue of water security for example: industries can be highly efficient users of water, but that doesn’t mean that their water supply is secure” says Piet Klop, Senior Advisor Responsible Investment at PGGM. An issue like this is important to an investor.

Companies often report on the water they use for their operations, but few report on their exposure to water security as it is outside their control and requires collective action. Exposure to actual or future water risks is often what is missing and could be very valuable information to an investor.

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“It is how water scarcity affects their portfolios, that makes investors sit up in their seats and listening.” 

Piet Klop, Senior Advisor Responsible Investment at PGGM