STAIN is an interactive tool used to collaboratively design climate adaptation strategies and resilience strategies. Cities can adopt certain types of strategies like a robust, integral, redundant or a flexible one. A robust strategy for instance focuses on climate-proof infrastructure. With STAIN, a robust infrastructure can be combined with flexible or integral measures to reinforce the resilience strategy.

STAIN is a gamified tool that enables Climate Resilience Officers and Climate Adaptation Teams to explain what resilience is, how the resilience strategy in their city works and how innovative measure contribute to it.

Working with STAIN


Working with STAIN

STAIN starts with a dark map of your city. Input to the discussion is knowledge about the vulnerability of the city to for instance floods or heat island effect. Within STAIN you draw colorful climate adaptation measures, think about their contribution to resilience and how each measure interacts with other measures. The goal is to create a strong and coherent strategy with a combination of different types of measures.

For instance, a robust infrastructure measure can be planned but might take years to realize. In the meantime, it is possible to take some flexible, temporary measures to increase self-reliance of citizens.



Not just a tool

STAIN is not only a tool, but uses self-learning algorithms and knowledge databases to learn from different climate change measures and the strategies designed by Climate Resilience Officers, Climate Adaptation Teams and climate change experts. Experts can use new innovative measures from their colleagues in other cities for their own strategies and indicate the effects this measure would have in their city.

Play with Stain

Because of its visual character, STAIN will assist you in explaining to your stakeholders which measures are put in place where and why. You can connect with other resilience officers in the network and learn from their successful strategies.

With STAIN you can start the resilience strategy design process in an early phase and further develop it towards an adaptation plan.

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