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The iReport is an easily accessible online digital platform where information is visual and dynamic, enabling it to be rapidly shared and understood at the touch of button. Royal HaskoningDHV has developed this innovative next generation digital tool which minimises complexity and benefits a wide range of project reports, from corridor and feasibility studies to masterplans and forecasting capacity studies. Currently used in various projects around the world, the iReport is pushing the frontier of project reports and will unleash new opportunities for all parties who are directly or indirectly involved in the project. 

See how the iReport is transforming the reporting process by accelerating decision-making and enabling transparency and effective stakeholder management.

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The iReport will improve the project report process for both specialist and non-specialist audiences. Choose the instant summary you require with the flexibility to go in-depth or to maintain a bird’s eye view on subjects, both in visualisations and in texts.

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The online tool shaping the future of project reports

Royal HaskoningDHV is at the forefront of developing the next generation of reporting and forecasting to make life easier for audiences who need to understand the detail and impact of a project.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we aim to develop future-proof solutions for our clients using an iterative approach to innovation. Hence based on the positive client feedback and dialogue from the launch of the digital EIS, we have taken this a step further to result in the pioneering iReport which can be used for a broader range of projects.

Complementing our strategic consultancy, the iReport aims to cut through the complexity of multi-stakeholder projects so as to enable projects to be better understood and accepted by the different parties involved.

Accessible at the touch of a button on a web based platform, the iReport presents projects in an easy to understand and accessible way, and can be used for project reporting across the entire spectrum of our industry.

The iReport can be used in different phases of a project to enable both specialists and non-specialists to better understand the decision making process so as to garner greater stakeholder engagement to ensure that plans and decisions are embraced and accepted by the stakeholders involved.

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Paul Eijssen

Strategic Consultant Impact Assessment & Leading Professional digital reporting

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"From an initial pilot to actual implementation in using the iReport for ongoing projects, we have developed the future-proof iReport based on dialogue, feedback and collaboration with our clients and partners. The information from the iReport is complemented by Royal HaskoningDHV’s strategic advisory at every step of the project development journey to ensure that plans and decisions are embraced and accepted by the stakeholders involved."

Paul Eijssen - Strategic Consultant Environmental Assessment

Benefits to the user

The wide-ranging benefits using the iReport will bring to you, your team and stakeholders involved include:

The iReport, along with our strategic consultancy, can help reduce project complexity by making information more accessible in multi-stakeholder projects
Cost and time efficiencies 
It enables rapid collaboration across the project team
An iReport’s content can be digitally locked
Interactive tool with easy-to-understand visuals with the use of 3D modelling, video, audio and maps
Stakeholder engagement 
Enhance transparency and understanding of the project

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