Amsterdam International Water Week is a biennial event that gathers experts from cities, industries, and utilities from around the world to showcase innovative solutions and real-life water cases. The event recognises that a secure and prosperous future for all relies on climate resilience and a shift to a circular economy; and that water connects the progress and development of all stakeholders towards these goals.

This year, the over-arching theme of the AIWW Conference 2019 is ‘Implementation of Integrated Solutions by Cities, Industries, Utilities and Financiers: from cases to bankable projects’. The intention is to showcase integrated, feasible approaches to water innovation and management. AIWW also provides a collaborative platform for connecting parties who face challenges with those who offer solutions and those who finance their implementation.

Royal HaskoningDHV will be sharing our experiences and innovations in creating a virtuous water cycle at the AIWW Conference. We look forward to building relationships with all parties working towards the common goal of safe and stable access to water for all. Our involvement extends beyond our sponsorship to participation in the three Leadership Fora, Conference paper sessions, Aquatech trade exhibition, side events and excursions.

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The AIWW Conference: Sharing Insights

Making the La Paz Early Warning and Water Efficiency Project Bankable
Presenter: Michel Riemersma - Associate Director Water Technology International
Session: Research & Innovation, Financial Model
Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How water sensitive is your city? Benchmarking and navigation in planning of climate adaptation of midsize cities in the North Sea region
Presenter: Nanco Dolman, Leading Professional in Water Resilient Cities
Session: How water sensitive is your city? Benchmarking and navigation in planning of climate adaptation of midsize cities in the North Sea region
Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2019

STAIN: Play with Solutions to Design Resilient Cities
Presenter: Micheline Hounjet, Product Development Flood Resilience
Session: Research & Innovation - blue green solutions with focus on inclusive city master planning
Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Did you know?

The four core topic areas of the AIWW Conference are geared towards rethinking institutional approaches to water system management. To date in our Water Circuit of the Future conversation, we have been talking to leaders, innovators and operators in the water industry to explore how we are all contributing to creating a Virtuous Water Cycle for Smart Places. We look forward to taking this dialogue further under the AIWW’s topics:

• Energy transition and resource recovery (circular water economy)
• Integrating Water and Resources management (cross-cutting)
• ICT & Data: artificial intelligence and smart robotica (cross-cutting)
• Blue-Green solutions for (urban) resilience (climate change adaptation)

These topics will be brought together under the AIWW’s central, cross-cutting theme ‘From cases to bankable projects’, which will focus attention on project development; the distinction between different types of project finance; best practices in financing blue-green and/or circular solutions and technical innovation; risk management; and monitoring and valuing water using the natural capital concept.

The AIWW Leadership Programme: Furthering Dialogue

Utility Leaders Forum

Roundtable: The Future of Digital Solutions
Moderator and Session Coordinator: Radboud van Kleef, Managing Director Aquasuite® at Royal HaskoningDHV
Date: Monday, 4 November 2019

As water infrastructure expands due to population growth and becomes ever-more complex and subject to tighter regulations, a holistic vision is needed to plan for future development. The increasing non-linear complexity of water systems means that utilities can no longer operate their processes manually and need a clear way forward in order to avoid bottlenecks and points of failure. Current processes involve collecting and optimising data; the near future will be predictive control; and the future is automated decision support. This roundtable looks at how utilities and industry can work together to better optimise operations by digitizing processes.

Resilient City Leaders Forum

Roundtable: Developing Water Sensitive Futures
Moderator and Session Coordinator: Nanco Dolman, Leading Professional in Water Resilient Cities at Royal HaskoningDHV
Date: Monday, 4 November 2019

Following its Resilience Strategy (2016), the city of Vejle (Denmark) is working on social and institutional solutions to facilitate its transition to a water-sensitive future. Vejle is collaborating with six other mid-sized cities in the North Sea Region (NSR) in the EU-Interreg funded CATCH pilot project (CATCH: ‘water sensitive Cities: the Answer To CHallenges of extreme weather events’). Cities in the NSR mainly focus on dealing with too much water and flooding. However, prolonged heat and dryness during the recent 2018 summer led to drought in many countries across Europe, including the NSR.

This was an instant wake-up call for cities in the NSR which must also consider adaptation to more severe droughts and water scarcity. In a pilot similar to CATCH, a network of six Australian cities, including the city of Townsville, is developing ‘Water sensitive city visions and transition strategies’. Bearing in mind the differences in regional water challenges, this roundtable will look at the experiences and lessons learned from both ‘water sensitive future’ pilots in the North Sea Region and Australia, which are applicable to the water challenges experienced by cities around the world.

Industry Leaders Forum

Roundtable: Digital solutions to manage weather and climate related risk for industries
Moderator and Session Coordinator: Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry at Royal HaskoningDHV
Date: Monday, 4 November 2019

Water is a vital aspect in the supply chain, which is at risk of disruption from floods and droughts. To mitigate supply chain interruptions caused by severe weather, industries must take steps to increase their resilience. This means obtaining insight into the operations of all key suppliers, where they are based, and what vulnerabilities they may have. Digital trends offer opportunities for analysing, forecasting and minimizing these risks. The aim of this roundtable is to provide an overview of the current state of digital solutions, the value of potential solutions, and the lessons learned from industries on their digital journey.

More on the AIWW Leadership Programme

Aquatech Amsterdam: Leading Innovation

This year, we will showcase three innovative software suites at Aquatech Amsterdam, the world’s leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater. Meet our team at the Royal HaskoningDHV Pavilion and experience the potential of our digital solutions.

Aquasuite® is an AI-powered analyst and autopilot for forward-thinking utilities and industries. Our suite of proven smart water technologies monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure through predictive analytics and machine learning. Join us at Aquatech for a free demonstration ofour Aquasuite software to gain actionable insight into your drinking water and/or wastewater infrastructure.


Nereda®: Nereda Wastewater Treatment Plants are being used internationally for the sustainable and cost-effective treatment of both industrial and domestic wastewater. The technology was implemented at Sappi Lanaken in Belgium in 2018 as part of the plant’s production process to improve its sustainability. This year, the large municipal wastewater treatment plant at Utrecht in the Netherlands won ‘Wastewater Project of the Year’ at the prestigious Global Water Awards 2019! We will share the story of this innovative project at Aquatech Amsterdam.

Kaumera Nereda® Gum: Driven by the vision of a world with as little waste as possible, and with as much clean energy and reusable raw materials as possible, Kaumera is a new type of raw material that is extracted from the sludge granules that form during the Nereda® purification process. As an amplifier and connector of properties, Kaumera’s application possibilities are practically endless – for example in agriculture, horticulture and the concrete industry. At Aquatech this year, we will showcase the practical, valuable application possibilities of this innovative by-product.

AIWW Side Events

6 November: Two Aquasuite study tours to a drinking water plant and wastewater treatment plant respectively. Visitors will be able to gain knowledge on the technology used at these plants and learn first-hand how these plants work.

7 November: join us for a visit to our new Kaumera raw materials plant in Zutphen . This study tour at water authority Rijn en IJssel enables visitors to see the first full-scale Kaumera Nereda Gum extraction installation.

Connect with us

Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry
Nanco Dolman, Leading Professional in Water Resilient Cities
Radboud van Kleef, Managing Director Aquasuite®
Micheline Hounjet, Product Development Flood Resilience
Michel Riemersma, Associate Director Water Technology International
Maha Benachir, Marketing Manager Aquasuite®