Amsterdam International Water Week is a biennial event that gathers experts from cities, industries, and utilities from around the world to showcase innovative solutions and real-life water cases. The event recognises that a secure and prosperous future for all relies on climate resilience and a shift to a circular economy; and that water connects the progress and development of all stakeholders towards these goals.

This year, the over-arching theme of the AIWW Conference is ‘Implementation of Integrated Solutions by Cities, Industries, Utilities and Financiers: from cases to bankable projects’. The intention is to showcase integrated, feasible approaches to water innovation and management. AIWW also provides a collaborative platform for connecting parties who face challenges with those who offer solutions and those who finance their implementation.

Royal HaskoningDHV will be sharing our experiences and innovations in creating a virtuous water cycle at the AIWW Conference. We look forward to building relationships with all parties working towards the common goal of safe and stable access to water for all. Our involvement extends beyond our sponsorship to participation in the three Leadership Fora, Conference paper sessions, Aquatech trade exhibition, side events and excursions.

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The AIWW Conference: Sharing Insights

We believe that Smart Places are the future for the sustainable development of cities and societies. Water, an increasingly scarce resource, is a critical component in the creation of these Smart Places. The four core topic areas of the AIWW Conference speak directly to the future of cities and the creation of the Water Circuit of the Future, under the overarching theme ‘From cases to bankable projects’. We are looking forward to engaging in this conversation by sharing strategies and innovations for climate adaptation and city resilience.

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More densely populated cities. More complex water infrastructure. More rigid regulations. Moving forward, a more holistic approach will be needed to plan for future development – and leaders will need to collaborate across sectors to share learnings, address challenges and realise opportunities. We look forward to sharing our experiences through three Roundtables as part of the AIWW2019 Leadership Programme:

Utility Leaders Forum – ‘The Future of Digital Solutions’
Resilient City Leaders Forum – ‘Developing Water Sensitive Futures’
Industry Leaders Forum – ‘Digital solutions to manage weather and climate related risk for industries’

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With over 20,000 visitors expected to attend from 140 countries, Aquatech is a formidable platform for networking and sharing knowledge; and a comprehensive showcase for the latest trends and innovations worldwide. At the Royal HaskoningDHV Pavilion this year, we will exhibit three of our own innovations: Aquasuite®, an AI-powered analyst and autopilot for forward-thinking utilities and industries; Nereda® wastewater treatment plants for both industrial and domestic wastewater; and Kaumera Nereda® Gum, a new by-product with almost endless application possibilities.

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We are inviting interested stakeholders to join us on 7 November for two inspirational site visits, where we will engage with you around the possibilities offered by two of our leading innovations:

Aquasuite study tour to Waternet’s drinking water plant: visitors will be able to gain knowledge on the technology used at this plant and learn first-hand how these systems work.
New Kaumera plant in Zutphen: this study tour at Water Authority Rijn en IJssel will enable visitors to see the first full-scale Kaumera Nereda® Gum extraction installation. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the origin and development of this bio-based raw material, which has multiple unique properties allowing for many applications.


Meet our team

AIWW2019 provides a unique platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. We are looking forward to connecting with you, to exchange ideas and explore new possibilities.

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