Managing risks 

Managing and maintaining your buildings is all about achieving the required performance at an acceptable risk level and at the lowest possible cost. This might involve risks that have a negative impact on the costs or performance of your buildings. These may include a permissible level of risks of technical failure for your production process, legal risks like non-compliance with environmental laws or safety regulations, or the risk of dissatisfied clients and stakeholders and the damage this can inflict on your corporate image.
To minimise these negative effects, it is very important to know what your quality standards are and the risks that are present in your situation. With this insight, suitable management measures can then be determined and implemented by the appropriate parties.

Quality and Risk Management System

Royal HaskoningDHV can help you set up your Quality and Risk Management System to suit your organisation's routines and the objectives of your real estate. We review the risks at technical, organisational, legal and administrative levels (information management) and the associated consequences. On this basis define the management measures needed to avoid, limit, accept or insure the identified risks and set up a monitoring schedule to keep track of the quality levels and risks.


Monitoring the quality and risk management delivered is vital to ensure that adjustments can be made where necessary. After all, your organisation and core processes do not remain static, nor do the facilities and technical services provided. Monitoring and adjustments are an efficient way to achieve the objectives that you wish to guarantee for your organisation with your assets. We use a customised asset management dashboard to track performance, costs and risk management. You are in control. This can include checking the output from your contractors and the satisfaction of your (internal) clients.

Quality Meter

Royal HaskoningDHV aims to be the Quality Auditor for your asset management or facility management, for (parts of) your real estate strategy, project management or your contracted services such as maintenance, and energy consumption. We work with you to define the minimum performance of your real estate, the risk profile that is acceptable for your organisation, and the costs that this may involve. As an independent entity, we periodically check the performance delivered, monitor your risks and advise you about possible adjustments.