It’s a familiar problem in many cities: not enough parking facilities, but no room to build a car park or bike parking. Or there may be room, but insufficient budget. 
Royal HaskoningDHV (NPC) manages everything, from the initial concept to delivery. We study all the options and give answers to questions like: What is needed? What is functionally and technically possible? And how do we arrive at a feasible business case?

Challenges in inner city areas

The number of cars and bicycles in the world is increasing. All these motorists and cyclists are looking for parking spaces, preferably as close to their destination as possible. This is often a challenge in busy inner cities. A chaotic ‘sea of bikes’ in front of a building, or cars parked criss-cross on the street, on the verge or even on the pavement, give the impression of a messy street. 

Underground parking solutions

Car parks and bicycle parking spaces, often underground, reduce parking pressure on the street and improve the quality of public space. Royal HaskoningDHV offers integral advice on the spatial, functional and technical possibilities of these parking facilities and provides adequate solutions to problems concerning traffic management, architecture, geotechnical engineering, groundwater (buoyancy), constructions, ventilation and fire safety, in an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

The right balance between quality and cost

An underground bike parking facility or car park does not come cheap. The commercial feasibility is therefore a key factor in decision making. In the design process, we involve the exploitation requirements, enforcement, management and maintenance and their potential consequences. This integrated approach ensures a good balance between quality and cost. In consultation with the user, we also strive to achieve the highest possible ESPA (European Standard Parking Award) rating. 

The user takes centre stage

To encourage use, the wishes and needs of current and future users are central to the design process. A clear layout, good lighting, clear signage, sufficient escape routes, fire safety and good smoke and heat dissipation should all be taken into consideration. Besides efficient parking facilities for vehicles, our designs ensure a safe environment and a positive user experience. 

Integrated approach

We take an integrated approach to our projects, from the initial concept and design to implementation and user phases, in fixed teams. Thanks to this approach, many leading car parks have been developed, designed and built.