By means of Life Cycle Costing (LCC), buildings are considered from an economic point of view. Qualitative aspects and associated financial effects, both short and long term, are made visible in order to enable balanced choices at each stage of the lifecycle and to optimize costs and revenues at any time.

We see our clients make their decisions more and more based on LCC. Often this LCC approach is not more than a traditional cost calculation as defined in various standards. We help our clients by looking at the revenues over a period of time. This applies not only to building-related investment and operating costs but also to the effects of sustainable choices on health and productivity and corporate social responsibility. Revenues are in the lead by determining what buildings can cost.

We support our clients to realize buildings that are valuable now and in the future. This approach we call our 'DUBOversneller' method.  From the first initiative onward, strategic choices can be made that pay back over the life cycle of a building. Previously made decisions can be adjusted in the design and construction phases as well as the operational phase.