A second life for a building starts with a view of a new cash flow

In order to assess this possibility, we explore to what extent the following six conditions for successful redevelopment and reuse are met:
  1. a concrete demand for space nearby
  2. a program that fits into the property
  3. a convincing business case
  4. a pragmatic attitude in environmental law
  5. an investor who wants to set a loan or invest in this case
  6. a highest and best price

The allocation which meet these condition, delivers the base for valuation of residual value of the cash flow to be produced by the converted use of the property in its second life.

We are available to deliver these assessments. These will result in a report after research for demand by types of use beyond the existing zone. We will also carry out several assessments on likely and unusual solutions for the destination of the property and its asset owner, or for a client who needs an interpretation for his housing demand.

These case studies may include:
  • former commercial vacant real estate, such as offices, commercial properties and retail properties
  • former public real estate, monuments or heritage, such as former sports venues, town halls, theatres, churches, monasteries, schools, retirement homes and hospitals
  • Military heritage, such as prisons, barracks, forts and castles
  • Industrial heritage, such as plants, industrial areas, towers, port areas and factory premises

Some of our clients are the Dutch Government Real Estate Agency, The Diocese of Haarlem (NL), the Parish of Koogzaandijk (NL), Philips Real Estate (Evoluon, Eindhoven, NL) and RpG Real Estate.

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