Organizations are changing. From more hierarchy to network organizations, with focus on results rather than one’s presence at the office. Collaborative and flexible working to connect people and knowledge. New technology enables us to increase quality and work anywhere anytime. The needed work spaces depend on the planned activity (activity based working) and are flexible for the future.

How does this affect organizations? Changing ways of working require different management styles and different building concepts to match. Intensive and multifunctional use of space is an example but also more space for groups and a higher quality of built environment and locations.

We help our clients achieve their ambitions in a built environment appropriate to their needs. By using integral advice across all disciplines in which the relevant levels of scale as workplace, (existing) building, location and mobility are addressed.

We perform space planning also for more complex buildings with special requirements, such as Hospital Planning for our Healthcare clients and Smarter Working and Learning for clients in Science and Research, including education.

Creative and feasible solutions come from a good analysis by a diverse team of experts matching the client’s needs. Together with real estate consultants, environmental psychologists, market researchers, concept developers, architects, experts on mobility, building physics, technical and structural engineers as well as LCC experts we deliver sustainable solutions that embrace changes in the working environment, save energy and costs, and create added value to the primary process.