The Challenge

The challenge of this study was to increase the sustainability of regional trade by improving the climate resilience and environmental performance of ports managed by the Tanzanian Ports Authority (TPA). The immediate objective was to support TPA to develop an overarching Green Port Policy and support TPA in complying with existing conventions and moving towards the attainment of ISO14001 accreditation.

Our Solution

Royal HaskoningDHV developed an overarching Green Port Policy for the Tanzanian ports, based on an assessment of the current situation, working together with public and private stakeholders to determine policy objectives and priorities. This Green Port Policy stipulates ways in which TPA can minimize/mitigate negative impact of climate change, reduce the environment risks in its operations and enhance climate change and environmental opportunities.

The Outcome – Green Port Policy development and Implementation

The outcome of the study was a Green Port Policy and implementation action plan that enables TPA to:

  • Move towards the attainment of ISO14001 accreditation in a pro-active, comprehensive and coordinated approach, addressing the impacts of port operations.
  • Make informed decisions on follow-up actions in strategic areas such as environmental management, energy efficiency, waste management, oil spill response, social impact and responsibility, stakeholder involvement and efficient port logistics and connectivity.
  • Base decision making on well-coordinated framework and vision on climate change and environmentally friendly port operations.
  • Create awareness among public and private stakeholders of the importance of being a Green Port.