Engineering a better water lifecycle

Channelling water where it's needed; supplying safe water to people and to industry; and treating wastewater all require state-of-the-art technology and sustainable strategies. Water has to be managed so that in times of scarcity the impact on our lives is minimised and, in times of flood, the threat to life and property is reduced. A number of alternative and sustainable solutions are being implemented to meet the challenges water is placing on our planet.

As the technology and know-how becomes increasingly available, it requires vision and ambition to improve the management of the whole water cycle, from capture and storage, through abstraction and treatment, to flood risk management and coast protection.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, our innovations use both technology and the power of natural forces and resources to create sustainable solutions that safeguard the quality and security of our water, to mitigate against flood risks and address water scarcity.

flood risk management

Royal HaskoningDHV provides services that cover the whole flood risk management cycle, from concept to feasibility, impact assessments, design, tender process, site supervision and operation and maintenance. Specific products are: integrated flood risk management plans, safety level and flood risk assessments, hydraulic & hydrological modelling, design of structural measures, monitoring and early warning measures, environmental and social impact assessments.

The need for an integrated approach was again illustrated by recent disasters as caused by the ‘Asia tsunami’ (2004), hurricane Katrina in the USA (2005) and the Thailand flooding (2011). The affected countries were not prepared, resulting in human suffering, massive losses of lives and economic value and social disruption. Damages tend to be highest in delta areas, where often both population and economic value are concentrated.

Flood risk reduction in delta areas should focus on cities, but should include as well the remaining wetlands of high ecological value. As a result of climate change, deforestation and erosion, flooding is no longer concentrated in the ‘traditional’ flood-prone areas. This forces us to screen continuously, anticipate better, look across borders, and widen project and planning horizons. Becoming fully prepared in this complex matter requires teamwork involving the client, professionals and stakeholders.

We can offer you an integrated flood risk solution, using our knowledge, experience and network. We work worldwide and we master the techniques and state of the art. We work with a regional focus, from local offices and local companies and institutions. We know the setting, country specifics and context - your neighbours. We work with internationally renowned water research institutes and universities. Last but not least, we are up-to-date with the latest developments in research and innovations. Our integrated approach with involvement of international and local expertise guarantees continuity in your projects, no matter if you are a private company or public government.