With you all the way for industrial water solutions

Royal HaskoningDHV is a global leader in dealing with all aspects of water. With over 60 water process engineers and 1100 water professionals globally, we have experience in treating almost every type of industrial wastewater.  Our experts focus on providing the best solution to meet each client‘s unique circumstances and requirements.

Our extensive experience and integrated, practical approach ensures we treat the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Water is a scarce commodity and water security, conservation and re-use are important aspects to integrate into any industrial operation.

Industry can generate complex effluents. While treatment is often focussed at end-of-pipe, we assist from start to finish. As one of the most integrated systems on a site, an industrial water network requires a holistic approach. Too many water treatment projects are treated in isolation of the larger system. Resulting solutions often transfer the problem to another part of the process or site. Additionally, the solution may not cater for real variations in operation, resulting in poor performance that requires additional Capex or Opex to address.

Our holistic approach adds value to your operations by reducing overall project lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership in terms of Capex and Opex.

Applying our WaterScan approach, we focus on improving efficiency in the plant, seeking opportunities to reduce water consumption, water footprint and increase water re-use. Treatment options are then evaluated via our System Selection approach, taking the most feasible option foward to implementation. Here, we provide conceptual and basic designs, prepare tender documents, support procurement processes and run evaluations.  We then oversee comissioning, start-up and ongoing operations.

We improve the economics of a project, in addition to operations as a whole, by:

  • considering product or energy recovery from effluent or innovative reuse opportunities  
  • selecting the best system and design first time to save on project life cycle costs
  • looking upstream and downstream to pinpoint the cause behind a symptom. Addressing recurring issues reduces overall operational costs.

The value in your system goes far beyond water alone. Let us help you tap into that value.