With you all the way for industrial water solutions

Water is indispensable to industries and particularly in South Africa where water is a scarce commodity, water security, conservation and re-use are important aspects to integrate into any industrial operation. An industrial water network is usually one of the most integrated systems on a site and therefore requires a holistic approach rather than focusing on end of pipe only.

Our industrial water experts focus on providing the best solution for specific circumstances and requirements for industrial water and effluent systems from start to finish. Our extensive experience in industrial wastewater and integrated, practical approach ensures we treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms.  This approach adds value to your operations by reducing overall project lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership in terms of Cape and Opex.



A better way forward: Towards resource efficiency and cleaner production for Lacsa

The South African governement is keen to promote and enable a cleaner and more sustainable industrial sector and Lacsa aimed to improve the utilization of resources in its pharmaceuticals production processes. Royal HaskoningDHV successfully identified a number of more sustainable – and commercially beneficial – routes towards a more environmentally-responsible future for Lacsa.