Smart and Healthy buildings put users first

Imagine a building that adapts to each user’s personal needs with unique settings and connectivity options, simplifies human interaction and communication and supports collaboration and knowledge sharing. A building that also empowers its occupants, increases their productivity and wellbeing, and ultimately benefits society.

Whether for an office, a hospital, a university or a factory, our approach ensures inspiring, efficient and sustainable workplaces.



A real estate portfolio is a profit not a cost centre. We see it as a powerful tool to make your brand stand out, attract and retain the best talent and drive your growth. Our human-centric design approach for offices create smart and healthy environments that boost employee engagement and well-being. Retrofitting existing buildings contributes to a more sustainable society and the circular economy.

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Smart hospitals will be customer centric, delivering a true end to end customer focused journey utilising digital connectivity that will transform patient diagnosis, surgical ability, care delivery models and patient outcomes. Operational effectiveness will also improve along with patient flow and safety. Remote medical care, using real time patient monitoring via wearable and other mobile devices will extend hospital ‘borders’, expanding the continuum of care, reducing patient care costs and improving the patient experience.



Smart universities will offer an ‘anywhere, anytime’ model of study providing personalised learning remotely and on campus with responsive support 24/7. Connected campuses will transform the campus experience, providing safer and more secure settings for students, faculty and staff, innovative and flexible learning environments and functional spaces. Universities will be more deeply networked to their local communities and more globally, collaborating on projects and research to further benefit society.


Living Lab - where technology and co-creation meet

Royal HaskoningDHV has created ‘Living Lab’, a knowledge hub for smart buildings and sustainable building design. This is a unique space where pioneering technologies for the creation and management of smart and healthy environments are developed and validated in partnership with our customers.

Together with technology companies and academic institutes we experiment, invent and test digital connectivity solutions – including sensor technology, buildings and user data - to improve building efficiency, sustainability, user experience, engagement and wellbeing.

Our ‘Living Lab’ is an inspirational, co-creation environment that enables us to explore the value of your real estate and make your facilities smart by design, totally built around the needs of your users.

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