Reimagining the workplace

The workplace is undergoing major transformation. A human-centric work environment that enhances employee performance, satisfaction, collaboration and wellness in the workplace is becoming a high priority for employers.

Multiple work models now demand both physical and digital spaces where employees can interact and co-create with colleagues seamlessly. Smart buildings create agile work environments fostering collaboration, innovation and engagement for all work modes.


An outstanding working environment also makes people feel good, helps them thrive and provides an enjoyable and positive experience, creating the ability to attract and retain the best talent. Purpose-driven companies that create exceptional workplaces are particularly attractive to millennials, the single largest and most diverse generation in the workforce today. They are important future talent.


Companies that have a sustainability strategy to reduce their environmental impact and improve their role in the circular economy also benefit from greater employee loyalty.

Engaged employees – involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace – deliver significant financial and operational benefits for companies, including increased revenue, profitability, productivity and lower absenteeism.


Experience comes first

At Royal HaskoningDHV, with our engineering and consulting expertise, we humanise the function of your buildings, combining the ultimate user experience with asset performance, all connected to, with and by technology.  

The unique character of your organisation is at the heart of our approach, with technology being used to drive and enhance the flow of user experiences.

A smart office environment is not about technology or software. It is about the connection between IT, the building and the users of that building to deliver value added functionality, improved user experience and greater sustainability.  

We call this user centric approach ‘Experience-Tech’. It’s our established process that enables us to make your workplace work better based on your unique identity, preferences and future goals. It has three core elements:

  • Human centred; to make an inspiring and healthy community.
  • Integrated; to deliver the right eco-system that meets the ambitions of your organisation.
  • Data driven; to bring you a reliable performance.

Identify need and opportunity

Our starting point is your organisational values and strategic vision. Based on these, we define your needs, challenges and aspirations and identify opportunities and customised solutions, be it improving the facility or investing in technology and data collection.  The steps are:

  • Defining your ambitions and translating them into business objectives and KPIs
  • Exploring the preferences of your staff through our User Journey process.
  • Analysing your current building by conducting our Tech due diligence

Bespoke solution

Based on the outcomes of our analysis, we design an integrated organisational eco-system. This is a custom-built platform that combines existing and new technologies – IT, BMS and HVAC, with IoT – into a coherent system that supports the current and future needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Continuous improvement

We create an inspiring and sustainable workplace that is optimised to enhance business performance, user productivity, comfort and wellbeing. Our system architecture brings ongoing value to your business, enabling continuous improvement of building functionality and user experience based on intelligent, real-time analysis and data. 


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