Pioneering technology to create smart and healthy environments

Welcome to our Living Lab, a pioneering hub where new and innovative solutions for smart and healthy environments are developed and tested in collaboration with clients.

Located at our head office in Amersfoort, Living Lab is a co-creation space where we experiment, invent and validate digital connectivity solutions to improve building efficiency, sustainability, user experience, engagement and wellbeing. Combining our building knowledge with technology innovations from tech companies, start-ups and academic institutes, we test how technologies work together and how different focus groups react to combinations of technologies, creating a real-life experience for clients and our own employees. 

How do we do this? Our people-centric design approach that starts with the user journey through a building. Unlike technology providers who focus on a single aspect of the user journey and create a single tool to match, by putting the users at the centre, we can deliver a unified and tailored smart ecosystem. With over one hundred use cases, including light, air quality, noise, and temperature monitoring we create a seamless user experience with insight and technology that has a real impact on the daily lives of employers, users, facility managers, IT and real estate managers.

Are you a knowledge or research company, technology organisation or a start-up? Visit our Living Lab to see how we are co-creating with technology innovators to create innovative smart building solutions and explore working with us.

Experience Living Lab for yourself and see this unique approach in action. 


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